hello If I had one night, I would spend it with you I need help real soon, I'ma die in my room You wanna come fly too, gettin' high as the moon I might spread my wings tonight (Spread my wings tonight) I’m gon' pack my things tonight Phone's gon' ring tonight Hear the angels sing tonight (Hear the angels sing tonight) No matter what you bring tonight I'm gon' win the fight Peep gon' make it right (Peep gon' make it right) Passin' time, gettin' high in the candle light Gettin' mine, I be flyin', you can stand aside But a heart wanna die, now I live my life You can see it in my eyes, that I can't decide Fucked up, but my heart still beats for you Broken heart, can't breathe in the waitin' room Now I'm faced with the test of forgettin' you Got the whole club packed, try gettin' through
hello [Chorus: YungJZAisDead] All night, silhouettes under blacklights ColdWorld, I got frost bite, baby Lips touch, you're so passionate lately I've been wantin' to bring you back, you'll probably hate me See me lookin' at your legs when it's dark out Cigarettes and broken trust in your lips now I just wanna know that maybe there's a somehow You're not the type to fall in love when there's a whole town Burn slow, burn low All black, forever You can find me in your dreams, I'll be waitin' for you, baby Slow when your lips touch mine so gently Apparition Love, you're my ghost on the dance floor Apparition Love, you're my ghost on the dance floor